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Lulu rash
Lulu rash  
Hello Marie,

 I realize from your bio that you are not a vet, but I would still like to get your opinion on a skin/coat issue my female English Bulldog is having. I switched her to the raw diet (Nature's Variety Chicken frozen raw diet to be exact) a little over a month ago. She has been loving the diet, but her coat has not improved as much as I thought it would. She sheds excessively throughout the year and still sheds on the raw diet thus far, albeit less than before on a kibble-based diet. Recently, I discovered some type of rash on the inside of her back legs (see attached photo).

At first, I thought perhaps she was allergic to something in the raw diet, especially since it is chicken-based and I know many dogs are allergic to chicken. However, we just discovered this morning that she was infested with fleas. We have remedied that situation but would like to know from you if you think the rash on her legs is from the raw food or from the fleas? Any input you can provide would be helpful. Thank-you.

Hi Mike,  Looks like from fleas -   Please see my posts on Skin irritations from flea bites:

Also, may be rash related to allergy - Make sure you do see your Vet and use natural options along with Vet's advice when acceptable ;

Dog Food recipes

HOPE this all helps !

Have a great day,

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 Panda was a rescued stray who had lost most of her fur coat;  She was living on the streets and covered with fleas; ; Panda has some allergy issues to grass, pollen and basic environmental issues;  We have also used the Hot Spot NuVet Tea Tree Shampoo with great success;   Learn more about NuVet here;  Panda was my Foster girl for a long time;  

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