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My chihuahua was put on Science Diet u/d a few years ago when I came home to a puddle he had never made before. Before the switch he was on Wellness which I absolutely love because it made his coat so shiny and smooth. He could care less what he eats, but I am not crazy about the ingredients in the SD. The vet told me that if I switch him to a non-prescription food there is a chance the infection could come back. He suggested I try to find a "low mineral/low ash" food alternative. Is there any you can recommend? Or should I just continue feeding him SD?

Sorry - put him back on the SD or Royal Canine Special diets RX -  Also, place this baby on the NuVet supplement - we have a wafer or powder - it will help your dog's immune system and balance the nutrition.  SEE here  tell them pet nurse Marie sent you - use referral cod 81098 for the discount program  1-800-474-7044   they sell a 39.99 size that would last a small dog 3-4 months or the big bottle for 55.00  

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