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QUESTION: i have a 5 yr old yorkie/chihuahua - very fussy dog - doesn't like and won't eat the high end dry dog food, raw, dehydrated or wetfood. She will, and this is the truth, go 1-2 days if i try and force her to eat these foods. In the meantime she brings up bile because she is hungry and she won't give in. The only food she likes and eats consistently is Cesar's For Small Dogs Dry dog food.
She has been on this since last Thursday. For the past 4 yrs i have bought every high end dog food made and she just won't eat it. My question is, is it better for her to eat the Cesar's even though it's not considered that good than to have her go hungry and bring up bile, which to me, doesn't seem like a healthy way to live - thank you

ANSWER: Hi Sharron,

I think it is better for her to eat Caesars than to starve herself.
Have you ever tried mixing some boiled chicken and veggies into a good quality dry food?
She might like the variety.  You can also use ground turkey and rice and variety of veggies to change it up so she doesn't get bored.

Sounds like she is pretty adamant about what she wants but it would be very healthy to give her some real food as well.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i have given lexee twice home made food - first time was cooked extra lean hamburger with rice, carrots and green beans , it all came up about an hour
later, second time was cooked skinless chicken breast shredded, with rice and green beans and carrots, that too was brought up about an hour later.

ANSWER: Sharron,

Did you give her the home cooked food alone or mixed in with her other food?
I would suggest just a spoonful mixed in with her Ceasars.

Try using chicken breasts and sweet potatoes- i know lots of yorkies that love that.

And thank you for the rating!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: you are very welcome, thanks for the help - i fed her straight home cooked
i mentioned it to her vet and she thought perhaps the meat being straight whole meat might have been too much for her - she's fine with veggies mixed with the dry, except she just eats the veggies and leaves the dry - update on the cesar food - she won't eat it anymore - i had her on earthborn primitive natural a couple of months ago - she did like it - but has 38% protein and 21% fat and i wasn't comfortable with the fat - i think it's too high for her, she's not an active dog - she does get 4 - 20 mins walk/day
and lazes around the rest of the time she doesn't like orijen, acana, fromm,
royal canin, and many others

You are a thoughtful and responsible pet parent for paying such close attention and trying to provide superior nutrition.  
It sounds to me like she just gets bored and tired of food after a while, so i would suggest just rotating her kibble but always adding a mix of lean meat and veggies with it.

Of course you could always try Rudy Green's Doggy Cuisine -  pardon my self promotion but I guarantee it will work.

email me directly via contact page.

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