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My Mini Schnauzer had emergency surgery for calcium oxalate feeding Royal Canine SO canned at cost of 6.00 a day........first ingredience is fillers......both of my minis have allergies and need to be on no grains.......I am so confuses.......we are giving Lasix.......potassium citrate and distilled water.......I would like to feed a better quality food......was thinking about sojos green package.....fruit and veggie freeze dries and add chicken.......when I read on this type stone.....there are a lot of things they
Can't potatoes, sweet potatoes....bananas and such....also saw I need low magnesium....and I don't believe chicken breasts are low mag........also was considering Life Abundance........also don't want dry as most contain corn and connection to bladder cancer..........also as schnauzers....need to watch fat because of tendency for pancreatitis...........what can I feed that is healthy and will not contribute to calcium oxalate stones or pancreatitis.......when I ask my vet I get confusing answers......and my vet bills for both dogs last month was 2500.00........I can't keep or can't afford another surgery.....thanks in advance for your time and is much appriciated......

Hi Mary Ann

It sounds like you have really done your homework and now just need be patient and methodical in their feeding and supplementation.
Distilled water is VERY VERY important- make sure they stay on that.
Have you tried making them a stew and adding it to a grain free commercial food?  The breed specific experts say use Lean Beef and Lean Pork with vegetables like cabbage, bokchoy, green beans, kale or broccoli and Lentils or Quinoa.  Mixture should be in 3 equal parts of meat/veggies/legumes.

I also have witnessed wondrous improvement in skin conditions from the use of raw unpasteurized goats milk.  You can buy this frozen at high end pet retailers  and only need to use a spoonful on their food each day.

hope this helps.  

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