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Dog Food (Canine Diet and Nutrition)/Cranberry powder for pets with UTI


I'm sorry--I wish I could edit the question I just sent.  I have been reading your answers and see you're big on home made diets.  I agree, and made her own dog food for one year, but now this is time prohibiting.  I work 2 jobs with no time to make dog food any more.  

I will find the cranberry juice at the pet food store.  Please, if you could tell me what is included in the "SO" formulas-if you happen to know.

Also, my dog is an eight-year-old Chihuahua, "Star", and is 10.5 pounds.  She is very tall, so is height/weight proportionate.

thanks much,

Hi, If you use Cranberry on Star, try to find the powder ;  I don't think they make a tablet small enough for her size ;  This is a good company - this jar will last you a LONG time, just keep in a cool but Dry place

Please see my other post on food;  YOU need to be very careful on her change over

HOPE I have helped you  

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