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QUESTION: I have a Chihuahua that is eight years old.  I did not have money for X-rays or surgery--but the vet did look at her urine and said there was much bacteria.  They prescribed Amoxi-tabs.  The dog still smelled like pee once or twice when I would get home from working my 12-hour shifts.  This was after the meds were finished.

The vet put her on a stronger antibiotic called Marbofloxacin and also on "Royal Canin Urinary Tract SO".  My question is, do you know what might be in the "SO" formula, so I can just buy that and add it to my dog's regular Merrick dog food?

Thanks much.

ANSWER: Hi Robin,  It's not just the ingredients but the way it's formulated for digestion.  If you can keep your Chi on the special Urinary formula a little longer it will be helpful.  In a few months you may be able to slowly switch over to Merrick ( 1/2 SO and 1/2 Merrick)  ;  For now I would not change over as your dog can or will develop kidney stones ;
If you would like to give 1/2 a wafer per day of the NuVet Plus Supplement - or 1/2 teaspoon of powder it will benefit the urinary system.  The supplement is all natural and can be given with any meds you Vet is currently using ;  If you want the small bottle for 20.00, please call in at 1-800-474-7044 and tell them pet Nurse Marie sent you with order code 81098
YOU can buy a larger bottle on the internet for 55.00 with a discount when you use AUTO ship discount code 81098

Hope my recommendations help you.

Marie Peppers, LPNMA

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QUESTION: Please forgive the confusion.  I have not yet made the switch to the dry.  I only bought a can of wet Royal Canin Urinary Tract SO--hoping to find something I can simply begin addition to the dry.  I am only giving the canned twice a day with rice and cooked lean chicken breast as a supplement to her regular diet--until I find out if I can do with the Merrick.  

I basically need to know if what I'm doing is okay, or if the 2 or 3 teaspoons of wet per day is not going to be enough.

BTW, the vet called it suspected "Bladder" Stones, not kidney stones.  Had never heard of that.

Thanks much.

Hi Again, Bladder stones and Kidney stones are the same thing;  Also crystals in the urine often lead to stones ;  The do make the royal Canin So in dry food also ;   I am really concerned your switching foods too soon will cause more expensive medical problems with urethra blockages ; The chicken breast added to her SO food is fine.  Just be careful as you can end up with more problems as you make food changes.  Sorry I don't sound more positive but she is an older Chi so you need to take things very slow with her.

Best of luck to you both  

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