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I have an 8 year old Lab/Shepherd mix and I am looking to change his diet. I would like to start cooking for him, and have been giving him brown rice, chicken and canned pumpkin. But, given his age, I am wondering if I should add any supplements. He is currently very healthy with no joint problems. I am noticing his eyes starting to become a little cloudy though. What would you suggest? Also, if I decide not to cook for him - can you suggest a couple brands of 'reasonable' dog food for purchase?

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dog stew home cooking recipe
dog stew home cooking  
Hi Bri, Sorry for the delay, I missed your question ;

Here is a link to a wonderful dog stew you can make for your 8 year old dog;  Also, I have listed the NuVet supplement on the site ;  Some great recipes on my blog and suggestions for Commercial Brands of dog kibble , too
SEE here
Homemade stew for dogs

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