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Hi - Every bag of quality dog food I purchase recommends that I feed 3-3 1/4 cups of kibble - daily.  divided into 2 feedings, for an adult dog 65 lbs.  My male greyhound is 2 yrs old, very active.
He can eat about 3 cups TWICE a day.  He is of course NOT gaining weight on this - not possible for this breed.  But I just think that 1 1/2 cups of kibble in the am and in the pm is not enough!
So I am feeding him 2 cups of kibble  plus one cooked thigh or leg, or 1/4 lb ground beef am and pm.
Is this too much for his breed and age and activity level?
Please advise!

Hi Halla,
Sorry for the delayed response.
I have often questioned feeding guidelines as well, and with a greyhound it is particularly puzzling.  
As long as he is not gaining weight (fat) I would continue with the routine as it is.  However, at age 2 there may be changes that you  want to look for as he goes from a puppy growing stage to adult maintenance. Just make sure he is cleaning his bowl at every meal and not putting on weight in the middle.
What a wonderful dog parent you are for caring so much about him that you cook extra meat for him.  Does he like veggies?  Dogs are omnivores and some really like carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes particularly and these are good nutritious low calorie additions as you segue into the next stage of his life.
Just love him and make sure he gets his exercise too.  Sounds like you have many good years ahead of you!
thanks for writing and for adopting a greyhound.  

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