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I just found out that my four year old border collie is allergic to most ingredients found in most dry dog food. I'm having trouble finding something to feed her that won't bother her but will also not break my bank. She's allergic to dairy, most grains (except barley), green peas, corn, and rice. Her most favorable protein is chicken, ocean white fish, and salmon. I'm just at a loss because most foods that are grain-free add peas and rice. Do you have any advice for a newbie at dog-food allergies.

Hello Trisha,

There has been great success with using the food at This food is made differently than all most all other brands.  It's the safest, freshes, most nutrious and priced about $1.69 per pound which is else than other foods, so it is economically smart.  There is a 100% money back guarantee if you try this and she still has issues.  But keep in mind, you will not find a better food in stores, as these are manufactured in large quantities and by the time you get to use these foods they are older and can cause allergies and sicknesses.  

Food should be used with a supplement, be sure to add the wellness supplement to your dog's diet.  In the long run, she will become healthier and you will not need to pay those costly vet bills.  

Make sure you are stopping all treats, whether bought, homemade, until you get her food figured out.

If you still have questions, I can help you more be email.  Try the food at wholesale by contacting me or having your order auto shipped (cancel anytime).  Don't forget about the money back guarantee, you will find no brand offers that so you have nothing to lose.

Please keep me posted.
Susan Potts  
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