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I have recently changed food brand for my Labrador retriever (6 years old). She is happy with new food and the amount of food she eats is the same as before. Her weight has remained the same. The only difference is that she is pooping more than before.

I always assumed that if she would poo more that she would need more food not to loose weight, but she eats exactly the same amount as before.

Could you please help me understand the reason for more poo and should I stay on this new food?

Thank you

Hi. You are right to take notice of the size, consistency and appearance of your dogs stools.
An increase in output (size in this case) means that more food is going undigested. Although you didn't mention what brand you are feeding, you might want to switch to a food with less filler.
You can also incorporate some healthy real meats and vegetables into the diet by adding a bit of the foods you are cooking for yourself into the kibble.  Labs do very well on all forms of poultry and fish, gently cooked but unseasoned and skin removed.  They will also eat a variety of veggies.  Give your dog some carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach or green beans on a regular basis too.
Adding nutrient dense, non processed food is the best thing you can do to enhance the health of your girl.
If you are feeding a good diet and her coat is shiny and her tail is wagging, I would not worry too much about the size of the output.  
thanks for caring.  

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