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I would appreciate ta recommendation for the best OTC wet dog food that is low fat and low in calcium ocalates . Dog has recent history of pancreatitis along with a history of calcium oxalate stones

Hi Ida,
Thanks for this very specific question that has challenged me to do some research on your behalf, utilizing websites I trust provide unbiased information.
I am curious as to the age and breed of your dog and what you are feeding and would appreciate if you could provide that info. It will help me answer your questions more concisely.

Because of my business and potential conflicts of interest, or the appearance of favoritism, i do not name commercial foods.  Instead, I always recommend a human edible, home cooked diet as a supplement to dry food, or if done properly, as a complete diet.

That being said, I can give you some direction. First regarding the calcium oxalates.

Water is very important in PH balance,and using purified or distilled drinking water is a good practice.  Also some research points to using alkaline water for health benefits.

Here is a site with good info regarding this subject overall:

Regarding Pancreatitis, i would suggest you try prevention as it is a chronic condition. DO NOT OVERFEED AND emphasize exercise, weight management and feeding small meals more often, not a lot at one time. Food should always be room temperature and stay away from butter and vegetable oils and junk food altogether.   Some experts say stay away from vaccinations also.
Also look into adding some vitamin E and C with bioflavanoids.
Again, you can cook very inexpensively and easily while providing superior nutrition. The majority of commercial food is very poor in quality and nutritional value, especially for an immuno-suppressed dog like yours.

The best site out there for good honest info about pet food is this:

I don't wholeheartedly trust this site but it is better than others- still beware they are not experts.  it has a guide to wet foods:

Please get back to me with breed and age if you would.

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