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QUESTION: Hi there. My dog was diagnosed with kidney failure today. They are ordering in some tinned food for his diet to hopefully stabilize his condition. Is there any human food i can mix in with it if he doesnt eat. Ones that arent going to affecy his kidneys much.
Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hi. I am sorry that your dog is sick.  
In my opinion the best solution would be to boil chicken, brown rice and veggies and mix this in with the canned food.  Be sure to use more rice and veggies than chicks to keep protein low.  You can also use barley and lentils with veggies cooked in some low sodium broth with vegetables too. Just about all veggies are good for dogs except onions and eggplant.  
I hope this helps- it usually gets them eating again and gives you a chance to help "hands on" and show your love.   

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QUESTION: Thank you. I made that today. Hes not interested in any of that food. Only thing wee can get him to eat just now is sausages with spaghetti or sliced meats. But hes eating it. Im hoping he will gain his appetite soon when his anti acid tablets kick in more so hes not feeling sick. Hes still drinking though. He still eats raw carrots too. Will baby food help or too rich?

thanks for responding.  At least he is eating something! I would stay away from baby food.  Since he likes carrots how about steaming some carrots and other veggies and serving them with spaghetti and perhaps a little bit of finely diced cooked lean pork or beef?   He may really like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, peas, broccoli etc.  

He is lucky he has a person that loves him so much. Karla

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