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My 6yr old schipperke hase very very flaky itchy skin.  I was wondering if arthritis medications can cause this.  I have been brushing him twice a day and have used olive oil,burts bee itch spray.oatmeal wipes and run a humidifier all the time this has been getting worse instead of better.  Any suggestions

Hi Priscilla,  How about I list the products and food that my ITCHY Canine clients see to do very well on:
Hopefully this will help you.  Food is the number one problem -  Make sure your pet is on a food with NO corn and very few fillers -- Here are some amazing foods for your Schipperke ( I have one too )  

This one is amazing, red meats only -- you don't feed too much of this as it's very condensed

Fromm has a GREAT Fish one, SEE here

Just take a look at the ingredients and you will see what I mean.  Low grain to Grain-free


Next -  Many of my clients give a Vitamin E each day.  It's essential to feed a quality product that works and has proven ingredients -  My clients use this one ( It's a Very low dosage of only 100 IU ) hard to get this low of a dosage.. Give 1 per day for a medium sized dog.  IT will do amazing things for the coat and overall health


Last thing all my clients use is the NuVET Plus wafer vitamin -- it helps to repair dry damaged skin and coat.  NuVET Plus helps the body to heal.  Balances out all the damage our awful pollution does to the body.. (WE are surrounded with poor air quality, poor food quality and poor water quality)

Order NuVET here - Holistic and NOT sold in stores, give this order code as you need a referral when you go to the site for ordering  81098  ( you want the GREEN bottle )   ( Tell them Pet Nurse Marie sent you went they make a call )  Often they will check up and see how your pet is doing. The product has a 60 Day money back guarantee.. Made in the USA
or call 1-800-474-7044, they girls will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Keep the Humidifier going but rotate it in and out of certain rooms.  
Also, get the Zoom groom plastic KONG Brush , yes made by the kong people...  I love that thing and the dogs love how it fees.. Use the Zoom Groom plastic brush 2-3 times per week as it will pull out the under coat ...

HEALING is from the inside out with good food and a few added helpings such as the Vitamin E ( low dosage) and the NuVET Plus

HOPE I helped a little..
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