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Hi Karla,
I have a 5 year old female bernard whose a little on the heavier side and needs to lose weight. Shes spayed and currently weighs 85kgs and stands at 33" on the shoulder. She has been on a high quality kibble diet all her life but I now want to move her to home cooked food. I was considering A COMBINATION OF BROWN RICE OR OATS, CHICKEN OR BEEF MINCE, VEGETABLES, EGG SHELLS AND FISH OIL as a part of her diet. I'm however uncertain what quantity of which ingredient needs to be fed. Her meals are split into three even meals a day. Could you advice me on how much to give her? I would ideally like her to lose a bit of weight
warm regards

Hi Nita,
I think it is great that you are willing to cook for your dog in order to improve her nutrition and help her lose weight.    
I recommend adding a home-cooked blend to her dry food rather than switch completely since she is apparently healthy and relatively young.   
The ingredients you mention sound like a good variety, and my rule of thumb is 1/3 meat, 1/3 grain and 1/3 vegetables with minimal amounts of eggshells and fish oil added at meal time, not during the cooking process.
I also advise changing the ingredients and feeding a variety of foods for optimal nutrition.
And be careful not to add too much of any one nutrient supplement (ie egg shells for calcium) without careful examination and research of all ingredients she is getting. Balance is very important and that is why i don't recommend your switch her over completely without doing a lot of homework.

Good Luck! Thanks for caring!

Also, Saint Bernard breed nutrition info is available here:  

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