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QUESTION: Dear Marie,
My 4 year old spayed ST Bernard has recently been detected with Osteo sarcoma (I'm gutted)
She has been on the best commercial food since as a pup which I was told by my vet was the best food for her.
Obviously not true and the more I've been reading about Cancers in dogs, the more I wish I could kick my own shin regarding the commercial diet! But I suppose this is not the time for regret and sorrow but to be strong for my warrior and give her the best life of comfort for as long as she is. I've also opted for the conservative treatment of no amputation or chemo as I'm not happy about pushing in more toxins with no guarantee results.
I would like to know what to feed her from a cooked meal point of view and the exact proportions for a 85 kg female Bernard (yes she is a large girl standing 33"at the shoulders)
Every diet I've looked up tells me xyz per body weight but I'm finding it hard to actually calculate. I need someone to tell me what exactly to give her and in what quantity !
For example, diets say egg shells are a good source of calcium. But how much?? How much protein is adequate? is it for example 250 gms of chicken per day cooked? or uncooked?!
Here's what I've been advised by my vet
500 gms of brown rice
250 gms of chicken mince
3 boiled eggs
lots of green leafy veges/beans and yellow veges (gourd, pumpkin etc
My vet however has been honest with me and said shes not aware of any special supplements in addition to the above.
I'm at a loss.
Would you be able to formulate the right diet for me for a cancer patient. willing to pay for the formula. Do let me know how.
PS. Would appreciate if supplements could be recommended by the formula and not by brand names as I do not live in the US.
Also, living in a warm country, we do not have access to blueberries. Soursop has worked well in humans. Can this be fed to dogs?
Kind regards

pet nurse marie , consultant
pet nurse marie , cons  
ANSWER: Nita,  About your canine with cancer ;  yes, I can help you and I would be happy to work along with your Vet.  With this Osteo ( bone ) cancer the prognosis is not very promising as you know.
Yes, I can develop a Canine cancer diet recipe for you to make at home with her needs in mind.
Also, there will be a few supplements and I can help you locate them in your country..

Please go here and choose the Extensive option -  I will work with you this evening,  I am in the USA .

Here is how you order my Services

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QUESTION: Thanks for your prompt reply. My Vet is out of station at the moment and will be available only on Tuesday 24th May. May we get in touch with you then? I'm currently based in Goa, India so there is a huge time difference! 11 hours minimum !! Will find a way to co ordinate time and speak to you. Do let me know which part of the US you are in and what is a good time for you to chat. Will set my alarm : ) I am most definitely interested in the best help I can give to my kiddo.
Warmest regards

Hi Again, with my clients out of the country we can do communication by e-mail.  I have a form that you can fill out to give me more info on your situation.  Often the Vets are not very interested in the home-cooking and herbs but I do try to keep them in the loop with some communication

I am in the East coast time zone for the USA  

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