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My dog is 11 yrs old now.  Some people tell me "if I had a dog or mom or dad, etc and they were that old, I'd let them eat what they want"  There is a brand at Walmart called "dinner rounds" that my dog loves but I never bought  for him.  I was wondering if I should feed him that (let him eat what he llikes now that he's older)  or one of the premium foods like Science Diet.  He's always ate the Dog Chow and other purina store brands.  Thanks!

Hi. It's wonderful that you want to give your dog what he likes. As a dog ages it becomes difficult for them to get all nutrition needed from dry dog food.  I suggest you give him a food made for senior dogs (the best you can afford) and add fresh gently cooked meats and vegetables to it daily.  That way your dog will enjoy his meal and get the nutrition that whole foods offer.  Be sure to use lean meats and even fish  and a variety of vegetables. You can cook the "stew" together and freeze in small portions for convenience.   There are very few foods that are not good for dogs (i.e. Onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate). Brown rice and quinoa are good to add also.  Your dog will love that you make a special mix just for him.   Thank you for inquiring.  

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