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Dog Food (Canine Diet and Nutrition)/schedule for my jermam shepherd


i have a 7 month of age jerman shepherd.i don't know that when should i give him food.give me time table.and is it good to give him vegetables and fruits.cause he eat all things.
so plz what fruits and veggies i should give him which suite him..
my dog name Rio..

Hello. Your dog should eat morning and night.  You can give him LEAN meats, yogurt, eggs, grains and almost all fruits and veggies EXCEPT:
Onions, eggplant, mushrooms, grapes and raisins.   It is best to serve a variety of real food in addition to his dry dog food.  You will find that he will let you know what his favorite foods are.  Do not give him fatty, salted, cured, or highly seasoned foods or those that have artificial preservatives.
There is  a basic calorie calculator here:
But puppies need about 25% more.
Be sure he gets enough protein and always has fresh water available.   
Good luck with Rio and blessings.  

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