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Dog Food (Canine Diet and Nutrition)/Curcumin 95% Bad for Pets?


QUESTION: Hi, I have been feeding my Westie Acana Singles (Pork & Squash) in the morning and homecooked meals in the evening. I just cooked up a batch (3 pounds of ground turkey, 6 organic celery stalks, 12 ounces green beans, 2 organic red delicious apples, 2 tbsp of basil, 2 tbsp of oregano).
I added 2 capsules of Now Foods Curcumin Extract (665mg per capsule) which I read afterward that you shouldn’t use 95% Curcuminoids for pets. Is this true? The reason why I added Curcumin is because my Westie seems to be atopic and currently has inflammation in her left ear with some yeast. I’m taking her to the vet on Thursday for a check up but wanted to know if I have to throw away this batch of food I just made for her (fairly yellow/orange and spicy).

ANSWER: Hi.  You are obviously a very caring parent and your recipe sounds wonderful.  Hate to see you waste it - Instead of throwing it away how about making another batch without the turmeric and mixing together?
And adding a probiotic like raw unpasteurized goats milk or kefir for the yeast issue?  
Answers pet food produces a good one.  
Have you considered consulting a certified veterinary nutritionist? They are rare but worth looking into.  As a rule of thumb I would use all additives such as cur cumin very sparingly in the future so as not to promote imbalance, and as you probably already know, rotating ingredients in the recipe is wise.  
Good luck!

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QUESTION: Thanks for answering my question Karla.  I've read about Kefir but I'm not sure how to go about using it?  My Westie doesn't do that well on diary products from what I've seen, so what makes Kefir or unpasteurized goat's milk different from say yogurt?  I will look into finding a veterinary nutritionist but I don't know if there are any around here.  Thanks again for taking the time to give me advice.

Hi Jen,

Kefir and goats milk both have more active cultures and probi than yogurt, and the raw goats milk is pretty inexpensive.  You simply serve a few tablespoons per day either with food or alone.  
I would certainly suggest you try it. The Answers company will be able to provide more info if you email them.  They are wonderful.

There are nutritionists that you can consult with remotely- look online for one that has credentials or experience in the area of home made diets and Westies.

Hope this helps a little.  

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