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My german shepherd has always had a sensitive stomach (she's 3) and we've had her on "Wellness limited ingredient diet" dry food for a couple years now but lately she seems kind of bored of it. So we're considering switching to something comparable that doesn't have grains and has limited ingredients, obviously wellness is a premium dog food and the cost certainly reflects that! We were hoping to find something thats close to the same quality but it would be great if it was a bit less expensive- were paying $50 for a 25lb bag every month- do you know of another great brand or food to check out that might be a bit more economical? Thanks so much!

Hi Ashley,
I do not recommend brands in this forum, but I can offer guidance to educate you about confusing and deceptive ingredient labels and nutrition.

Here is a simplified article about labels:

I strongly advocate mixing in real food (thus why I started Rudy Green's) to add superior nutrition, enhance health, alleviate boredom and lack of interest:

Lots of good links and articles here:

One of the best and only honest sources of information regarding pet food industry:

If you want to email or call me I will give you more information.


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