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Sam wrote at 2012-12-27 19:17:47
I have always fed my dogs home cooked food. Here are the ingredients:

boiled chicken theighs and/or breast, ground beef, turkey, cow liver, chicken liver/heart/gizzards, salmon with bones, eggs, basmati rice, broccoli, butternut squash, potato, carrots, celery, apples, oat, wheat, green beans, corn, flax seeds, milk, cheese, seaweed/kelp powder, molasses, bran, pasta and other stuff I'm sure I forgot!

Our dogs have always lived twice the average lifespan thanks to natural food, exersize, play and love.

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What kind of food is best, dogs that won't eat, dogs that eat too fast, judging your dogs weight, preventing joint problems in large breeds, feeding puppies, supplements, avoiding health problems, healthy skin and coat, etc.


Much of what I know about dog diets comes from my years of experience and training with dog guides and other service dogs. I can share their proven methods with you. They can't afford anything but the best to give a dog the same long, active life you want for your pet. They breed most of their dogs, and have pedigrees, X-rays, other medical records, and complete life histories on thousands of dogs. Their staff veterinarians are in touch with each other, top nutritionists, academic researchers, etc. They have investigated and tested many different diets. Nobody knows more about producing and maintaining healthy dogs, has more incentive to do so, and to share what they know with those such as me caring for the dogs. Unlike many others giving diet advice, they aren't selling anything. They are giving away dogs after very expensive training. It costs them the price of a new car to replace ones no longer able to work. They don't skimp on food. I have also done extensive reading in this area.

My degree in chemistry allows me to understand how real research is done and evaluate the proof behind diet claims. I am not taken in by the junk science behind many diets.

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