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canine composure wrote at 2012-11-14 20:19:12
For what it's worth ... I have an F1 chocolate labradoodle (50/50 lab x std poodle).  Early generation labradoodles come in a wide variety of coat types. Mine has a coat like a terrier. His guard hairs just stop growing and turn a pale colour when they hit a certain length, making a dull grayish haze over his coat.

Over the years (my dog is 8 yrs old) I have tried all kind of products and supplements over the years to try to put a shine on him. Nothing worked.

I am a groomer, but it never occurred to me to try hand stripping him until a fellow groomer suggested it. Since I started stripping him, his coat is a deeper richer colour and it's super shiny and healthy looking. Everyone comments on what a great coat he has.

I'm absolutely thrilled with what hand stripping has done for my dog's coat, and his skin is no longer flakey.

So if you have a labradoodle with a coarser, kind of spikey looking coat, you might want to experiment with hand stripping ... Especially if those spikey hairs come out easily when you pull on them and tend to be paler in colour than the rest of the coat.

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