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Leah McDowell wrote at 2014-06-17 00:27:33

I have a 2 year old wire fox terrier that has been hand stripped since he was 12 weeks old.  Denise, his groomer, is wonderful.  She just opened a shop in Wexford called Happy Tailz .  I have my little guy stripped because it is what keeps his coat looking the way it is supposed to look.  He is a pet ,not a show dog.  

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Becca B.


I can assist owners who would like to clip their own pets by recommending the essential tools. I can offer tips on hand-stripping terriers; cruelty-free products; how to select a qualified groomer and when to switch groomers if the the situation arises. I can help with the canine diet, as itchy skin, incessant chewing on paws and legs and repeated ear infections are nearly always diet related.


I graduated in 1988 from The Colorado School of Dog Grooming. Prior to that, I worked as a veterinary assistant for several years. I have managed grooming shops; owned a shop and operated a mobile grooming van. I currently own and operate a business where I train, groom, pet sit and walk dogs.

Graduate of Colorado School Of Dog Grooming with dual certificates in All Breed Grooming and Kennel Management.

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