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Dog Grooming/change in dog behavior after grooming


Liesel Stephen wrote at 2014-01-12 05:26:18
I have 3 Pekingese, 2 are twins. They all go for parlour treatments and summer or winter cuts every 8-12 weeks. The one dog suffers with a personality change .... Cries all day hides under blankets pillows cushions ... Barks for attention .... Slithers behind things .... Looses interest in food. And after nearly 8 treatments it's not the trauma nor us it the experience. Loss of his hair is what affects him. The other dogs don't get phased at all. I've googled and googled info on this behavior pattern and groomers comment however they have no clue on the dogs personality before and after the dog came in for a groom. I font think anyone is to blame however Its something that affects the dog and I wish I could find the answer on google, but no luck. Basically don't shave the dog if he changes as I can say 2 years down the lune my dog has not got used to it and apparently a dogs coat is their insulation for summer and winter. So maybe just a tidy up  

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I can assist owners who would like to clip their own pets by recommending the essential tools. I can offer tips on hand-stripping terriers; cruelty-free products; how to select a qualified groomer and when to switch groomers if the the situation arises. I can help with the canine diet, as itchy skin, incessant chewing on paws and legs and repeated ear infections are nearly always diet related.


I graduated in 1988 from The Colorado School of Dog Grooming. Prior to that, I worked as a veterinary assistant for several years. I have managed grooming shops; owned a shop and operated a mobile grooming van. I currently own and operate a business where I train, groom, pet sit and walk dogs.

Graduate of Colorado School Of Dog Grooming with dual certificates in All Breed Grooming and Kennel Management.

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