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Im not exactly sure which category to ask this in so thank you either way whether you can or cant answer it.
  Me and my fiance love dogs, I grew up with great danes and would really really like to get another now that we have a house. Growing up, my mom would not allow dogs inside at all, recently we agreed to pet sit a neighbors dogs ( a dachshund and a mix breed) and they are indoor dogs that are groomed at the groomer at least once a month..Oh my goodnes they shed all over my house, I have a pretty bad ocd issue with cleaning. I cant stand fuzz dust or hair all over, Im not crazy to where I clean everyday but I couldnt sit on my couch and have dog hair fly all over like it did when we baby sat them.
  I was wondering, how badly do great danes shed? I know poodle breeds do not shed but my fiance said he does not want a poodle breed so we are aiming for a dane but I want an inside dog but Im unsure of how much they shed.

Hi Amber,
You don't have to be OCD to hate dog hair flying all over the house! LOL- I deal with dogs every day and I agree with you I would never stand for it either so I understand totally but what made you think G.D's don't shed? It is all the short haired breeds. There are other breeds besides poodles that do not shed. The terrier group is a great example although if you pluck them they will drop their coats twice a year unlike breeds that shed year round. Clippered, however, they do not shed at all.
Looking for a larger breed? Think Airedale, Irish, Kerry Blue, Soft Coated Wheaten. Wonderful, smart and energetic dogs without the short life span and physical disabilities often associated with the Giant breeds
While not technically terriers, Giant Schnauzers and Russian Terriers are non shedding as well. All these dogs require grooming because their hair continues to grow. The common problem most people have is understanding that maintenance in between is required. Brushing and combing is not only good for the dog but creates a bond between you and your dog of trust and companionship and is healthy for their skin and coat. When taken to a grooming salon it is important to insist the dog be hand NOT cage, dried. Cage drying does not remove dead hair so by the time you get the animal home it sheds all over - hence your problem with your neighbors dog. This is done at quite a few places in order to mass produce grooms. Good for them, bad for you and your dog. You get what you pay for when it comes to professional grooming.
All drop coated dogs are non shedding as well but tend to be much smaller. Yorkies, Shitzus, Maltese, Havanese, lhasa ahpso, and lots of toy breeds which is also why they are so popular.
Hope this has answered your main question and opened so new doors for you.
thanks for asking AllExpert!

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