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I have 7-month old Black Standard Schnauzer that has only been clippered once, and two tiny 7-year old Brussels Griffon who have thin hair and hardly any undercoat (according to the groomer it was destroyed due to the wrong brush used on them when they were young).  Both Brussels are rather delicate and sensitive.

I have spoken to many Schnauzer and Griffon owners (and other groomers) and there seems to be many conflicting information (at least as I understand it).  So, I went to verify the following comments and/or questions:

1) If stripping is the recommended breed standard for both, and this seems to be their natural coat, why then was not the dog born with it in the first place?  I mean during the earlier times when there was no electric clippering, I guess people had to hand strip to clean their dogs other than bathing them to get rid of mats I suppose and perhaps they discovered it by accident that pulling the hair creates a harsher coat?

2) Is stripping is more dirt and water resistant, meaning you'll need to bathe your dog less (would he not smell more?). As I intend to go on a lot of hikes winter and summer, this is important.

3) Does it provide a warmer coat than unclippered coat, or does it depend on the dog's muscular structure and coat length instead of the texture?

4) Does stripping will make the dog's coat very hard and awful to touch?  What does it feel like in terms of other material since I have not encountered a stripped dog nor do not have access to dog shows?

5) Does clippering your dog's coat will change its color for the lighter (Grey and or Black) and will make the dog's coat softer (My Brussels Coats, though thin, are now soft and a little coarse at the same time)?

6) Is Stripping painful or not painful for the dog?  Some say that if done gradually and artfully, it isn't, and that some dogs even enjoy it.  I have a feeling that my two smaller ones will absolutely hate it considering they already yelp when mats are removed and their hair is pulled.

7) How laborious is stripping by equipment or hand stripping?  How many times per month does it need to be done to be maintained and how much time per dog?  Some even told that done correctly initially, you will only need to strip 4-5 times per year at best?

8) What is rolling and how is that different from stripping?

9) Is clippering different from shearing?

10) Will stripping will stimulate coat undergrowth for dog's who undercoat has been damaged?
11) Will stripping leave your dog with bald spats for a period of time.  Is there a way to avoid this if you strip?

12) How much financial investment am I to expect if I were to have someone do all the grooming for me for my Standard Schnauzer (I understand that each groomer is different but a rough estimate if possible please)?

13)  My preference, in all honesty, is a softer coat. However, I do love the black color and do not want it to change. If there is way to keep the dog's coat very dark and soft at the same time, I would rather invest on a nice rain coat for the dog to keep the dog's coat tidier. However, I read that clippering will change the coat composition regardless after clippering over time and that kind of sucks. One of the groomers even told me that it will not change in the black and only will do so if the dog is under the sun a lot, but others disagree.  I am rather confused what to do or what avenue to take.

Thank you in advance for your time as I know I have lots of questions.


You do realize this is a volunteer column? 13 questions??? I'm not sure if you are asking me or challenging me. The tone of these questions are almost antagonistic.
I am an expert at this and it has taken me most of my life to learn the answers to the questions you demand instant replies to.
So let me just say this, most of the questions you asked have been answered previously. Go back and look at them, if you still need answers to couple I will be glad to clear it up.
However from what I gather in your statements, you would not be happy with the Art of Hand Plucking since all you are looking for is a fluffy fur ball. Each dog is different. Nothing wrong with it. Your BG's are to old to do anything else. The schnauzer is doable. I would not presume to guess prices for hand plucking where you are. I have no clue. I am in NYC and we charge for our talent and people expect the highest standards are willing to pay for it. It is an art and is passed on by apprenticing- no school I know teaches a specific course in it.

We are not encouraged to answer this many questions from a single query. If you go back to review the hundreds of questions I have answered over the years, you may note my ratings and ease with which I answer questions and most people find me very easy to work with hence my high ratings. I also gave you the option of rereading a lot of the questions where the answers have already been given. I said I would be willing to go back over the ones you felt unsure of.
I have no doubt that you are willing to spend time and money but you are looking in the wrong places. If there are no pet groomers who are experienced then you must go to a professional handler - who may or may not take on a pet client. The economy being what it is, I have had a few handlers ask me to refer them so it is worth a try where you are to seek one out.
My problems with handlers are they are used to either ripping all the hair out twice a year or keeping a show coat. Pets can be a combination of the two styles and be kept up without as much time consuming picking.  They charge by the hour usually. Before you have the schnauzer clippered again- which will start to change the coat- see if you can find  a pro where you are located. If you bought the dog from a breeder, ask them who they use.
I work 6 days a week at this- it is my love and passion that i freely share the knowledge of to debunk many of the myths you questioned. Your donation was not necessary but thank you. I encourage you to keep researching. Black Schnauzers tend to have softer coats than salt and pepper even when plucked.

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