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I'm hoping that a bath with will take care of this.  My wife and I just acquired this sweet little Pomeranian from Texas this past weekend.  The lady that had her previously is phenomenal about the care of her dogs.  She had her bathed and groomed two days before the plane ride to Indy.

My wife has some sort of hyper-smell thing going on.  I don't smell it, unless I get right up on the dog.  Then I smell that doggy smell.  Does the dog scent (if thats the word I'm looking for) when their under stress?  I understand we just took her away from were she lived and plopped her into new living conditions.

I even tried to doggy wipe her down and that didn't work out to well.  She didn't mind it but her doggy smell returned.

I'm thinking of just going to a groomer this weekend for a batch and dry.  Hopefully that will do it.

Am I right or wrong?

Thanks for your help! =)

ANSWER: That is one of the cutest Poms!
Ok - here are a couple of things you should look for.
Ear infections stink… sniff in her ears.
She may have expressed her anal glands at some point after you got her home. Anxiety and fear can cause that. If she did a bath will certainly take care of it.
Breath can be an issue- these little dogs can have horrid breath. Either from their teeth if they need cleaning or they do not digest their food properly and may need a food change.
I really recommend monthly baths for these dogs but they must be blown out to avoid matting and that doggy odor. Then you can make sure the anals are expressed at the groomers. Those cute little ears are part of the pattern and NEVER shave a Pom- NEVER! It ruins the coat- grows in all splotchy and ratty. Then you will have to keep shaving it. Always ask the trimming be done by thinning shears. Try checking those things as well as giving her a bath
Those doggie wipes are worthless in my estimation as they leave a film which attracts more dirt and can get kinda sticky
let me know if any of this works or helps diagnose the problem
Good luck

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QUESTION: Thanks for all the ideas!  

She was groomed before she got here and had a health certificate from a vet.  She needed that in order to fly.  That's why I asked if it was stress, fear or anxiety issue.  Which would explain it!

The only other thing I can see is that her anal glands need to be expressed.  I don't know if the groomer did a quick job or not.  But I found a reputable place here not to far from the house to get a little spa thing on Friday.  Wash her and blow her out and they'd take a look at the rest.

Thank you for your time and expertise!

Yes stress can cause excess secretions - especially of the anals so that is most likely the problem which is fixable. Sometimes their get smell too, which is where the sweat glands are.
Nowadays, most groomers do not do anals and most vets won't clean ears or cut nails (except for a fee…) - go figure. If you find one that does, keep them!
Poms are really very clean little dolls and rarely have that kind of problem unless they are not maintained… and who wouldn't want to do that! Yours is an exceptional beauty.
Good luck!

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