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My dogs always seem to be scratching more in the late summer, early fall. Can dogs suffer from seasonal allergies through their skin?

Hi Pam,
Absolutely dogs can have seasonal allergies. My dogs get them every year, one much more than the other. They can also get them in the Springtime.
Fall allergies seems to start as soon as the leaves begin to fall in August and get worse the more the leaves fall. Could be sap, mold, flea bites, many things can be the cause so you may need to see the vet. Often they prescribe benadryl or another antihistamine. It does help but often causes the same effect on your dog as it does to human- sleepiness. Bathing more frequently can help keep the dander and allergens down on the pooch. Remember insects bite and have the same itchy effect as it does on us…
Take your dogs collar off at night if their tags keep you awake when they are scratching.
It usually begins to slow down as the weather gets cooler.
good luck!

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