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Hi... I have a Dandie Dinmont Terrier with a beautiful coat that I have stripped for the past 3 years after her breeders showed me how.   She is not a show dog so I don't care about perfection, but, love her coat to look close to show if possible.
 Would a Mars Coat King ruin her coat or would it just cut down on the stripping time?
Should I dull the blades and does it actually strip once they are dulled?  I don't want to harm her coat.  I've seen clipped Dandies and they look horrible.  My interest is in cutting down on the hand stripping time,

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I think that if you use a coat King occasionally it's fine. To just use it all the time is probably not a good idea especially when it's new. A lot of the problems stem from being too aggressive with the tool. So if you want to try it gently and see if it actually is pulling out guard hair or cutting it you can tell by looking at the end of the follicle. If it looks cut discontinue the coat king.
I like to use them to pull out the undercoat which is what they really are meant for. If you're dandy has a lot of undercoat this can be a good thing. But if not it could wreck the wire jacket. At any rate, A quick run through with the coat king will definitely freshen up the look for the short run. But then so will a good brushing.
Hope this was helpful.

Yes you can certainly dull the blades. I use a double wide 18 blade for best results on larger dogs. Use long strokes- not short choppy strokes. That means brush and comb first so  it is an even pull- neck to tail.
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