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I am looking for hair clippers for a golden retriever with more hair than all my other goldens put together.  I would like a 2" and 3" blade.  Everything I look at has 1" or smaller blades.

Any suggestions?

Hi Roberta,
They all come with a 10 blade but you have to purchase the longer blade you are talking about separately. Even then it may take off more hair than you really want causing him to look rather moth eaten and then the new growth is really unattractive.
I would consider getting a #30or 40 blade and then attaching a snap-on guard which will not damage the undercoat and will leave a much more natural finish. Snapons come in metal and plastic but the metal ones are better. Wahl makes metal ones and then you can pick a length more to your liking. They sell them separately or in a boxed set so you can experiment with length. Once you get used to using them you might even like them for trimming your other dogs so they all have the same look. Like trimming the withers and necks.
There are many great clippers on the market- but stay away from the cheap ones in big box stores and go right to one of the pet groomer catalogues. Just get a sturdy one- doesn't really need 2 or more speeds. Do not go for the battery powered ones since the motor is not really strong enough for those heavy Golden coats.
Good luck!

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