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Dog Grooming/Clippers for Standard and Toy Poodles


standards in Alabama wrote at 2008-11-11 21:22:38
I currently am clipping my own standards. I have the andis agc clipper which is much better as far as performance. Before I was using a lite weight clipper that I bought for between grooming and that clipper overheated all the time. As far as the time I have found that it take about a solid hour and a half on a severely matted poodle. On my personal baby he takes about 45 minutes with good behavior but he has been professionally groomed before so I think he has a better tolerance for me.

Martha wrote at 2013-03-12 02:55:11
Hey Jessica! Thank God for you because I was researching on these two brands so I can get started with grooming my toy poodle and you answered  what I needed to know. Finaly I made a choice to go with the Andis ultra edge. Thnx!!!


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