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Dog Grooming/Difficult dog - problems with grooming


tidytails wrote at 2011-05-15 15:18:59
He should have his thyroid checked. Dr. Jane Dobbs DVM has information on sudden aggressive behaviors and thyroid levels-very interesting. or her new book The Canine Thyroid Epidemic it's a new 2011 book

Jnbf wrote at 2011-08-01 21:13:59
I am a groomer and I have noticed with English Springers that they start getting pretty grouchy as they become seniors. It has been true for almost every one of them who has come in to my salon. One particular male was only like this until his owner stayed with him for the visit. He was 10 years old.  

Margarite wrote at 2013-03-23 05:43:29
Hi Laura, I just happen to come across your question when I was looking up flea and tick meds. What caught my eye was about your poor doggie (and you!) having grooming issues; how he is normally sweet but would turn into Cujo when he would just see the site of clippers, etc.  I do realize your post is about 4 years old already and I hope things have gotten better for you and your dog. December 2011, my fiance and daughter had adopted from our local shelter a puppy mill dog - he is a full bred Maltese - male, now going on 8.  Doesn't matter to me that he is full bred though, just so happened he is. The point I am making here is the poor thing was in that mill for almost 7 plus years until we adopted him. He lost one eye because of it.  Overall, though, he has become the highlight of our home and has overcome lots of fears and is very sweet and loving and strong! Now, for the good part, he is adorable, but ever since I had taken him for his first "official grooming" that one time, he now is awful with us here at home when we want to groom him. Back when we first adopted him, we weren't too sure how to groom a Maltese, so we decided it might be best to go the groomer route.  I wish I hadn't now in retrospect. When I picked him up from there, he looked great mind you, and he seemed fine - no issues. However, when his hair was starting to get long as Maltese's tend to do (especially their faces), I wanted to trim him and clean his ears (something I was doing even before the groomer). Well, he too, turned into Cujo (in fact, that's what I call him). It's real scary how a sweet dog as he can be so nasty.  Granted, I don't hit or anything like that, but I do tell him No and try again - gently. But he tries to bite mine or my daughter's hand.  It's so upsetting and now his nails are getting long.  I read the full post you wrote and the reply.  I think I may have to go to the Vet and see if they can do this.  I only wish my poor dog could understand we are here to help him.  We are very patient with him, especially because he was a puppy mill dog and was there for all those years. Anyway, if you just so happen to come across this post, I just wanted to let you know there are others out here such as yourselves with similar issues.  Again, I hope yours has resolved. If not, I do hope things will get better for you and your dog.  Best...Margarite

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