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Dina wrote at 2015-02-22 19:34:53
My yorkie had coarse hair as a puppy too. My other 2 yorkies that I had in the past had silkier straight hair. This puppy had health issues. After giving the puppy a new all organic dog food, he lost his vision. The animal hospital said it was due to a liver problem. He was diagnosed with a liver shunt. When I spoke to a vet (on the phone) that was a specialist with yorkies and liver issues, she told me that some symptoms of a liver shunt were dry skin, coarse hair, and  baby teeth not falling out.  She NEVER saw my puppy and she was right about all those symptoms. The puppy had surgery to correct the problem and is now 3 years old. His hair is thick and silky. A yorkie puppy could have coarse hair as a puppy but it should change as he or she grows. If the  puppy has health  issues,  he or she  can not develop properly.  

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