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SareR18 wrote at 2012-10-28 20:46:23
I certainly do not agree with his response either. I'm not a dog expert by any means, however I have had success in training dogs. I am wondering if perhaps he didn't communicate his suggestions properly. While his suggestions are good, the technique he is implying will result in an ever more anxious and unsure dog.  

I once had a Great Pyrenees who hated his crate as well. In fact, he feared everything. Even a tennis ball was enough to send this giant into a frenzy. Here is what I did with Wembley and the crate.

Bring the crate/kennel into a commonly used room.

Leave the door to the crate open.

Any time Wembley showed any attention to the kennel, be it a quick glance, sniffing it, walking past it ... I rewarded him. Treats, praise, affection. However, only reward a dog when it is calm. If you reward him when he anxious, you reward the feeling. He will associate the anxious feeling with reward. Reward when the dog does what you want him to do in the calm state you want.

I'm not sure why anyone would suggest getting in a dogs face and in his space when you are trying to teach the dog to respect your space. You can, by using blocking with legs and arms teach your dog you are the leader, he must respect your space.

Your dog wants to please you. He yearns for direction. Reward the calm, submissive behavior. Correction of the crazy behavior will come in time as your pup learns you expect him to be calm.

Right now I struggle with 2 shepherd pups. Female 8 month old king shepherd and 6 month old German shepherd. They go absolutely mental when it's walk time, feeding time, coming out of the kennel. We are working on the rewarding the calm behaviour. They don't get fed until they sit and relax. They don't go outside for a walk until the sit and relax. They don't get to come out of the kennel until they stop going crazy (seriously - sometimes I think they'll shake the kennel apart!). You will feel them relax. They will physically relax then its almost like the air around them calms. That's when you reward them.  

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