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Concerned reader wrote at 2016-05-14 22:27:45
Great you are trying to correct the situation, but I feel that you wont make progress with the lifestyle you are providing for the dog. The dog cannot improve socially when its only interaction is with yourself, and you are absent from the house for most of the day while the animal is caged during that time. I question whether you are suitable to own an animal when you don't have the time or understanding of what is involved for a healthy pet environment. It seems to me that the dog may be confused as to your relationship, as the interaction is limited and the dog feels unsure of what to do and its purpose in relation to you. Dogs are pack animals and require affirmation of their place in the pack and this affirmation comes from sharing activities together and affectionate bonding, so the dog understands its place. Additionally, apartment living is ill suited for a breed like a husky as they need large living areas and space to exercise, absolutely not short walks. You would be better to rehome your dog to somebody who has experience with that larger breed of dog and get yourself a smaller breed such as miniature fox terrier etc. Please remedy this situation asap because your dog is suffering and you are making its original problems worse.

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