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my baby wafu
my baby wafu  
Hello !

I live in Philippines... and i bought Wafu last month.. Just like other Pomeranian she was so active and energetic.. but she doesn't get along with my 3 months old beagle.

When i let them play together.. After 5 minutes or 10 minutes they will start biting each other and there was growl sound coming from my beagle.. When I put them away wafu will run to my beagle and play with her again and then they will start fighting all over again.. I wonder how will they get along

Devi, thanks for your question about dog play.  Growling, vocalizing and mouthing/biting is very common during dog play, especially between 2 young puppies.  I interrupt play is when a dog comes to me for help or protection, or when one dog is clearly in distress and not able to get away on her own.  When the dog goes back for more play, it's a clear sign that she's having fun as only dogs can :-)

You should interrupt dog play before things get out of control.  Practice calling the dogs, asking them to pay attention to you, feed a treat, calm down for a moment.  Then, release them to go play again.

It's hard to comment specifically on your situation without seeing it, but if no one is getting bullied or hurt, it's probably normal play.  If you'd like to post a video to YouTube, send me a link!

Let me know if you have further comments or questions.  

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