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I have a four month old puppy who listens pretty well when we are on our own, but if there is ever any distraction, she will not listen to anything I have to say. She runs away or pulls very hard on the leash. How can I teach her to listen to me when there is a distraction?

First of all the puppy must be taught that you are the "pack leader". This is generally established in several ways. Often you need to pick the dog up like  baby. One, this takes the puppy's control away and makes them trust you and rely on you. Plus, dogs do not like not being on the ground and in control. Second, lie the puppy on their back, this also is against their common likes and teaches them to trust you.
Distraction training is very difficult if you are not consistent with it. You need to wrestle with the puppy occasionally and hold the puppy down (not hard or violently) just long enough for the puppy to submit to you. This is the same thing animals do to establish the "alpha Male".
As for the problem with a leash that takes a lot of practice. often if you get the puppy on a leash and they try to go the opposite direction just act like nothing is wrong and walk in the opposite direction. When the puppy feels the tug they will look and see that "oh, my master is going the other way". The most important part is that the puppy must understand that you are the boss and what you expect. If the puppy disobeys you you have to be stern but not overly harsh when you correct them.
Try some of these things and let me know how they work out or if you have problems.  

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