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I have a problem with my border collie Miaya and her tantrums and listening to my husband. So miaya is a brillent loving dog who is such a complete joy in our lives. She listens pretty good to me and i've done 99% of her training, she knows the basic sit down stays (working on long stays) and as well as trick like shake roll over crawl and even jumping through hoops. She listen well to my husband when i'm not home but once i'm home she doesn't listen to him unless he gets mad. He does use a very light happy tone and i've told him be firm tone not yelling but firm and that still doesn't work all that great. Should he work more with her? i figure thats the problem since i've done all of the training she sees me as alpha and him at the same "level" as her. what can he do to improve this?

As well Miaya is almost 3 and when we go for our family walks she "screams".. it sounds like we're killing her. i've notice she only does this if she isnt in front, be meaning beside the person who is in front since side walks are to narrow for the 4 of us to walk side my side. when she does this we sit her down and make her stay until shes calmed down, while the other person continues walking ahead (with our other dog). once we start up again its good for a few minutes then gets started again. She does this with me until i have her complete focuas (running then stopping quickly, and turning very quickly until she has to watch me). Again last night to try and get her to listen to my husband when i'm around he had her. the whole hour walk was a scream fest.. should we keep up were doing and just lay her down until she calms down? as well we started using halties (The face haulter) on our dogs cause they pull, the pulling has stopped since if they pull they pull the face down, do these evenually stop the pulling probelm and can be worked out or are these just masking the issue at hand? i'm scared to damaged there throats.

sorry thats its so long, and thank you for the help

You are correct in that she sees him as less than a pack leader. Not necessarilly at the sam level as the dog because she wouldn't obey him at all. Having him work with her more should help, including drills like having her down, stay and him walking around her in circles.

As for the screaming I really don't understand. If it is a problem with pulling and yelping a harness is never a good idea. Harnesses only tend to make them pull more.

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