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Hi Barb...

I have just finished building a kennel for my siberian husky Dazzle and is now preparing her equipment I might need to train her.

Right now i just have the following
1. Clicker
2. Treats
3. Ezy Checkmate Collar (martingale style collar)
4. Freedom No-Pull Harness
5. 3 ft leash

im considering buying a 6ft leash, offhand leash, maybe a 20ft leash and a bag to keep treats so i can easily get them.
Question 1: would i need any of these to train Dazzle?
Question 2: Are there any other equipment i need?

I know its hard to start training her with too much distractions around. But what if I cant find a suitable environment to train her without any distractions. Even when we are in a closed room where she cant see anything or hear anything she seems to look always somewhere else than on me, even with a treat on my hand.
Lets say im training her to sit. what i do is hold the leash just enough so she cant walk around and when i say sit she does sit but she doesnt sit facing me. Or if im training her to look at me when her name is called when she does look at me for a second then look on other directions again. Question 3: should i give her a treat for that? to me it seems she isnt too motivated by the treat or toy a have. Question 4: what do you think?

by the way.. i think youre the one that suggested to train her to say please by sitting.. she now sits when she wants something but she always often face on different direction and is looking around other than looking at me to wait til i release her say go. Question 5: Should i reward her even if shes not looking at me when sitting? or should she always look at me like shes ask me?

Hi Jeric.  I like the long lines (20' leashes).  It can give the dog a little more freedom, but you will still have control.  

You will need to start to reward voluntary eye contact.  Take her to the bathroom, sit down and wait.  The moment she looks in your direction, click and toss a treat.  Be sure she's hungry and use some high value treats.  Repeat until she gets the idea that looking at you makes good things happen.

I think you need to build up your relationship with her before you get into any more skill training.  Take the pressure off for a couple days and just click/treat any time she looks at you.

I don't know where you're doing your work with the dog, but keep in mind that unless a dog feels safe in an environment, they are not going to be comfortable enough to have a training session.

If you have the capability to video a session, please send me a link.  A book that might help you is "Clicking with Your Dog" by Peggy Tillman.  

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