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hello ,
my son has a 4mth old kelpie , got her aged 6 weeks ,she is now 4mths , iv been looking after her last few days and im shock at how naughty she is ! she will sit thats about it , she is very silly jumps up at you , in the car she jumps all over it barking and if you try to hold her to calm her down she attacks you gets very nasty ,, i had her inside and tried to get her to just sit quietly
at my feet and she got nasty again im really worried about the aggression what can we do !!! there are no puppy schools here
its a very small town need help now before she is too old

The issue will have to be addressed by the k-9's "handler" or "pack leader". In order to make sure a k-9 is not agressive and that they will obey you they have to consider you their master or pack leader. There are far too many techniques to try to tell you which one would work for you, but it will still be up to your son, if he is the dogs master to start the training. It could be simply because your son is not around that the dog is acting up. As for the jumping using your knee to keep the dog for reaching you usually works. Once they try it a few times they usually get the idea. The agresssion will require several dominance techniques that should be started by the master or pack leader.  

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