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Hi Chris,

When we adapted our puppy a few weeks ago and he is good about not peeing in the house.

When he did pee we took him outside immediately. We keep him penned in a large kitchen with a wood floor.

Today it was about an hour since he was outside or given any attention and I walked by the kitchen going to another room, he looked at me and peed.

It seemed this was for attention...if this was the case then what can I do to prevent that from occurring in the future and how should I address it when it happens.


If you adopted the puppy then I am sure you have no way of knowing his previous training. However, if the puppy is not too old then it should be easily corrected. The most important part about house training a puppy is to be consistent. Every time they wake up they will need to go t the bathroom. Shortly after they eat, they will need to go to the bathroom. If you get a routine down then it is much easier. Now here is the important part: There will be accidents during the beginning and you have to watch the dog very closely. If they use the bathroom in the house you need to scold them but not too harshly because then they wil only hide and do it. It is best to catch the dog when they do it because you cannot scold them if they do not know what you are scolding them for. Make sure that it is done when it happens and then immediately take the dog outside and wait until they go again. It helps to have a phrase that they can get use to like "go potty" or whatever, When the dog goes to the bathroom outside then praise the dog (not like they won an academy award) but enough to  know that they have done a good thing. Eventually you should be able to simply open the door and repeat the phrase and the dog should do the rest and come back in when he is finished.  

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