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How long can a bulldog go without eating due to stubbornness?? She is 7 and normally gets a tasty item in her dry food. Trying to ween her off of it. She hasn't eaten her last 3 meals???? Is this common????

Most dogs usually will start eating -- if nothing is wrong with them -- within three days. I did check on a DVM site too, here's what was there.

"Dogs can live for quite a while without food, depending on their physical condition prior to the period of starvation. I have heard anecdotal stories about dogs living three to four weeks without access to food.

Dogs will die much more rapidly without water, although I do not know if anyone has actually studied this to determine some sort of average length of time that it would take. This would be influenced by the circumstances at the time of water deprivation. In hot weather water restriction might lead to death in as short a time as a day but under ideal circumstances it wouldn't surprise me if a dog could live as long as a week without water. That is just a guess on my part --- not sometime that I know to be a fact. But it is not a good idea to experiment to see. Dogs should have fresh water available to them at all times, ideally.

Mike Richards, DVM"

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