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Hi- I have a 7 year olf bichon poodle mix and live in NYC. She goes out to the bathroom just fine (on the sidewalk) but we also have a small fake grass pad on our balcony we would like her to occasionally use at least just to go number 1. She doesnt seem to be interested in using it at all. We have tried using some spray on it from Petco and she just seems to roll around in it. Any ideas?

Hi Michael.  Trying to change a 7 year old dog's potty habits can be quite a challenge. Are the grass pads portable enough that you could take one on a walk with you and put it down near her favorite "squat spot" on the sidewalk?  My thought is that you could try and catch some of her urine on the pad and take it home with you.  

If the pads don't work for catching it, then take some paper towels and blot up her urine with the paper towels after she goes on the sidewalk.  Put the soiled paper towel on top of one of the grass pad and seal it up in plastic wrap for a couple days to be sure the scent transfers to the grass pad.

Either way, put the the freshly-urine scented pad in a new place on the balcony and take her to it first thing in the morning when you KNOW she's got to pee.  Stand there with her until she goes and give her a great food treat when she's all done.

Let me know if you have questions. Good luck!!

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