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QUESTION: I've had my Chihuahua for about a year now. She is about a year old. I have trained her to go to the bathroom outside, yet she still does some business inside. We have four dogs total and she will go out with the rest of them and I've only ever seen her pee outside. When she comes in, she waits a few minutes then goes to a corner and poops. We have cut her several times in the middle of the room getting ready to do her 'thing' and even when we're pushing her outside saying "No, No" she still does it. She does pee inside as well as out, but she usually only poops inside unless we've cut her and put her outside. I have tried putting pads down just to get her to go on there, but she'll either ignore it and go somewhere else, or be stubborn and go right next to it. I don't know how to break her of this habit, and have almost lost hope because no one seems to know what to say about it. Please help, the family is starting to get annoyed!

ANSWER: Hi Emma.  Get a crate and use it like she's a brand new puppy.  If you're not able to monitor her every movement, she's in her crate.  Keep the crate in the room with you, so she's not isolated.

If you're not already doing so, feed twice a day.  Don't leave food out all day for grazing.  Pick up what she doesn't eat after 10 minutes.  If she's on a regular eating schedule, you should be able to predict her bowel movements.  Keep track for a week and see if you notice a pattern.  

Always go outside with her so you can be sure she's done all her business.  Only then should she be allowed any freedom in the house - and only when you can monitor her.  Keep a close eye when she heads toward her favorite spots and re-direct her away.  Ask her if she has to go outside and take her to the door.  If possible, keep her out of those rooms or areas that she's soiled previously.

After she's consistently been accident-free in the house for a month and you've cleaned all the areas she's soiled, you can start to allow her a bit more freedom.  

Let me know if you have further questions or comments.  Good luck!

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QUESTION: This all sounds very affective. I started her out in a crate when I first got her. And I do go outside with her when the weather is comfortable. However, the crate idea might have to be modified because when i started her in the crate she was less than 2 pounds but as she grew she figured out how to get out. At this age, putting her in the crate that I have would not work because she climbs the side and jumps right out. So, do I keep her on a leash? or any other suggestions?

What you describe doesn't sound like a crate.   A crate has a top/lid and a door.  Check out  They sell these at the big box stores; WalMart carries them as well.

Having her on leash when she's loose in the house is a good idea, too!

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