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We just rescued a brittany around 1 year and a half 10 days ago and the previous owner said she was house trained. She is spayed, very high energy dog. Since the first day we had her she has been peeing in our house. Now, we had dogs with urinary problems, UTI's and kidney problems before and we are familiar with their modus operandi. Her urination method does not fit a medical problem, for the reason that when she is crated she never pees, whereas dogs we had with medical problems couldn't keep it no matter what. It almost appears that her peeing occurs when she is frustrated, can this be?
For instance, the first day she peed, it was when she was behind a baby gate and couldn't come near me when I was cooking. The second time she peed was when she heard me prepare food for our other dog behind a closed door. The third time she peed was when I was preparing food for our other dog. In all these incidents, she was frustrated, pacing and whining and trying to get to the food or trying to get over the baby gate. And in all these incidents she was taken out about one hour prior. Can this be a displacement behavior? Like if she is frustrated she will scratch her neck, so I was wondering if she could be peeing as well for the same reason? She doesn't pee in small amounts, strain or lick her genitals or have blood in her urine as other dogs with UTI's. While I can have her see a vet, I am 99 percent sure it's behavioral. She always seems to have some pee in her reservoir available, I feel she purposely doesn't empty her bladder fully when out. She can be sent out to pee and then half hour later she'll pee in the house if there is something that causes her frustration. We have puppies and they can hold it longer than her! Also, she can't sleep during the day. Every time she lies down to sleep, she gets up, paces, goes sniff my dogs, goes back to sleep, then gets up, paces, sniffs my dogs, back to sleep, seems like she can't relax. Only time she sleeps is when she is crated at night. She is otherwise very healthy, playful, high energy, un-tireable and eats like a horse. Any help appreciated!

I would agree that it's likely behavioral rather than a medical condition.
My guess would be that she is marking. Experience tells me that when dogs are rescued,the new owners often attempt to integrate the new dog into their family by lavishing the dog with affection, treats and attention. The dog interprets this strange behavior as a cry for protection and dutifully obeys by marking her new territory. If this is the case in your household, then you would cure the behavior by treating her more like a dog rather than a four legged human. Dogs give off subtle clues as to their perceived status in your family. I'd suggest you read the following article and address any signs of your dog placing herself in a leadership position and accordingly having the need to mark.

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