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Recently I was given a 3 yr. old border collie. A cattle rancher had her and was using her to round up cattle. He tells me she was thrown and seemed to lose her desire to try again so he gave her to me. He also told me he had treated roughly. At first she was very shy but soon began to come out of it as we interacted. I walk her and she has learned how to sit, but that's about it. She barely listens when I call her into the house, she comes about a fourth of the time on command, but when she doesn't want to do something she ignores me. She doesn't bark, and doesn't get too excited about anything. I've looked at sites to train her to speak, come, fetch, but she shows no interest at all in running around. Any suggestions?

If the dog is 3 years old and has already established a routine then she may not be willing to learn anything new. The best way is to determine what motivates the dog. Most dogs are either food motivated or toy motivated. I also have found that dogs can be praise motivated. This will be the only way to try to "teach and old dog new tricks".

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