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Hello! I recently got a 1.5 yr old Standard poodle, who is an ex show dog. And I'm having a problem getting him to go potty on a leash. Which I'm sure is because he was a show dog, and trained to not potty when on a leash. I do not always have access to an open yard for him to go to the bathroom in, so it is important he learns to go on a leash. He eats and drinks well, and I try to make his trips outside regular(As soon as I wake up and every hour and a half-two hours after that). And he just will not go. I take him to an open area and wait, and he will just stand right next to me, even if I am not giving him any attention. I know 3 hours after he eats he needs to go, but he wont! What can I do? Thank you so much!

Hi Rachel.  Toileting habits, once established, are hard to break.  What you can do is get a 20' long line - NOT a retractable leash.  They sell these at Petsmart under the brand of Top Paw Cotton Training leash.  This will give the dog more freedom to move around and away from you.  If you're in a secure area, you could drop the handle and let him have a bit of freedom to move around and find a good place to go.  Once he's comfortable with this, gradually shorten the length of leash he gets when you take him out.

If he's eliminating in the house instead of going outside, use a crate as necessary.  If he doesn't go when you take him outside, put him in the crate and try again in an hour.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification. Good luck!

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