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Dog Training/my 15 week staffy pup is destructive and pees when visiting my sisters house


my 15 week staffy male pup is a nightmare when he gos to my sisters house 4 days a week when i am at work he is nearly housetrained at home but pees and poos at my sisters he has also started chewing her hall carpet, my sister has the brother to my dog and they can be very rough when they playing together what can we do to improve his behaviour

Diego, it sounds like the pup is given too much freedom to make mistakes while he's visiting at your sister's house.  It also sounds like he doesn't know how to tell her that he has to go outside to potty.

At this age, puppies will be destructive with their mouths. It's the way they explore and learn about their world.  They need to be constantly monitored so they don't make bad choices, like chewing on carpeting.  They should have a variety of chew toys.  When they can't be monitored, they should be confined in safe area, like a crate, exercise pen or puppy-proofed room.

Be sure your pup is taken outside to potty every 20-30 minutes when he's awake or after a play session with his brother.  Share with your sister the techniques you are using at home successfully.  The longer he continues to have accidents, the harder the habit will be to break.  Monitoring him is critical.  

Pups play rough with their littermates and as long as no one is getting hurt, I wouldn't worry too much.  If you see one dog bullying the other too much, interrupt play and require that they calm down a bit before allowing them to be together again.  They should have some "down time" away from the other during the course of the day.

Please let me know if you have any questions, Diego.  Managing 2 young staffies is quite a job!  Take your sister some chocolates :-)

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