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Hello, I have recently acquired a beagle puppy.  He is biting everything, which I am not too concerned about because I've heard that puppies that are teething bite.  However I am concerned that he is biting when he gets upset, for instance when we have to take something away from him.  Is this usual for puppies, or is this more personality?  I'm concerned because of small children that play with him.  I've had a dog before but never a beagle pup.  Thanks for your help!

I cannot say for certain without seeing the dogs demeanor when he is biting something. Only certain items should be given to dogs to chew on and they have to understand that you are the pack leader and you are in charge. The main reason dogs accidentally bite children is either because they are running with something in their hand that may resemble for instance a news paper which you NEVER hit a dog with when you scold them. The other reason may be that they think the child has something like a toy or food and they want it and bite the child by mistake trying to get it. There are instances where the dog is trying to prove he is the alpha. This is where you must make sure that they understand that people are alphas not them.  

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