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Hi i have a 12 week old female jack Russell who was given to me by a family member to days ago because they didn't want the responsibility of a pup they got her wen she was 6 weeks all very young. They let her sleep in their bed also they'd feed her biscuits and water out of their hand so now its very hard to get her to drink and feed out of a bowel. Also they carried her around every were shes never been left alone for more that five minutes now she will not sleep unless i am laying down with her but the moment i move she will sit and cry till i come back to her  this the reason they gave her to me. I have two very young children both under the age of 2 so i don't have the time to lay with a pup i don't even do it with my children. I do adore this puppy and really want to keep her please help

She is still young enough to reverse this behavior, but you will need some help.  She should be enrolled, without delay, into a positive puppy class.  Also, there are good ways to prevent "separation anxiety" from becoming a problem for her.  Two very good resources for you would be:
"After You Get Your Puppy" by Dr. Ian Dunbar (you can download it for free on the Dog Star Daily web site)
Also, Dr. Patricia McConnell's book, "I'll be Home Soon" is not just for dogs that have separation anxiety, it has good protocols to prevent SA.
The reason for puppy class is that dogs learn how to use their mouths, without biting down hard, by playing with other puppies.  Try looking for a class on the Pet Professional Guild web site.  If there's no PPG trainer nearby, try Karen Pryor Academy's listings or the APDT.

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