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Hi, I have recently acquired a beagle puppy.  He is biting everything, which I am not too concerned about because I've heard that puppies that are teething bite.  However I am concerned that he is biting when he gets upset, for instance when we have to take something away from him.  Is this usual for puppies, or is this more personality?  I'm concerned because of small children that play with him.  I've had a dog before but never a beagle pup.  Thanks for your help!

Hi Lauren.  When you take something away from the pup, but sure you always have something to trade with.  Teach him that "drop it" means something good is going to happen for him.  See this video:

Also teach him that in order to get what he wants, he must relax and be calm.  If you have to pick him up out of a situation and he squirms and bites, don't put him down until you feel him relax.  You don't have to say anything to him, just wait until you feel his muscles loosen, then put him down.  Calm puppies get what they want.

Small children (under 5 years, in my opinion) aren't appropriate playmates for puppies.  They should never be left alone together.  When they are together, under constant supervision, keep these sessions short and end them when either the puppy or child gets too excited.  Being that young puppies constantly mouth, it's hard for them NOT to put teeth on a child.  Better to prevent it from happening than constantly scolding the puppy for doing what comes naturally to him.

Please let me know if you have questions or have other specific examples of when your puppy gets upset.  Good luck!  

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